Skin Mounts & Reproductions

Taxidermist chosen by:
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Lower Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Service
Michigan State University
Cornell University
Chicago Botanic Garden
University of Minnesota
University of Buffalo
Pennsylvania State University
University of Wisconsin

Net the fish whenever possible to minimize scale loss. Close-up photos of freshly caught fish are very helpful in the painting process. Wrap fish in a wet towel, making sure that the towel covers all the fins. Keep the fish cool and do not allow the fish skin to touch ice directly. Place your wet, towel-wrapped fish in a plastic bag and freeze as soon as possible. Be very careful of the frozen, brittle fins while the fish is in the freezer as they can break off easily.

Measure overall length of fish from tip of nose to tail. Measure girth at the fattest point. The tackle of a "catch and release" angler should include a soft flexible tape measure and a camera to take pictures of the overall fish as well as close-ups.

Custom Fish Mounts



At PRO FISH, we insist on working at a level of craftsmanship well-above what most consider quality work. From the mount to the final touches and all stages in between, PRO FISH pays close attention to every detail, matching the natural habitat of the species and the precise anatomy and color of your fish.



Prices vary depending upon the method used (skin mount or reproduction) and degree of habitat work provided. With PRO FISH there are no cost surprises. We take the time to go over every detail of your project. In almost all cases, there is a standard "per inch" charge on your fish, with the only variable being the habitat work. We have built our reputation on quality that goes well beyond our PRO FISH pricing.

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Custom Rock Wall Bases / Habitats

These are just plain cool! These habitats add an entirely new dimension to your Trophy Room. The realistic and innovative style will be a crowd-pleaser for years to come. Impress your spouse and friends!

Our unique rock bases are individually carved and handpainted to produce the most natural effect. Our customers are amazed at the realism, and agree that the custom rock base turned their mount into a work of art. We incorporate sand and interesting pieces of driftwood in the rock base also. In addition to the many choices of rock, we also offer driftwood bases and an assortment of habitat enhancers such as crawdads, minnows, frogs and aquatic vegetation.

As each base is specifically created to emphasize the beauty of each fish, pricing is reflective of size and complexity.


Due to the very delicate nature of your finished fish and habitat, we custom build plywood shipping crates. We ship UPS insured to your door.



We work very hard to keep lengthy backlogs to an absolute minimum. By specializing in only fish, we at PRO FISH are able to avoid backlogs brought on during other game seasons.




Send us your fish from anyplace in the US. Your frozen fish can be safely shipped by UPS Second Day Air. Always ship on a MONDAY to avoid any hold over a weekend. When placing your order, we will provide the "ship to" address. This insures that we are aware of your package and can go pick up your fish at UPS just as soon as it comes in.

Step 1- Carefully wrap your fish in a wet towel and place in a plastic bag, freeze solid.

Step 2- Line a cardboard box with 1.5" construction type foam or 1.5" white styrofoam. Keep box as small as possible to reduce air voids.

Step 3- Wrap your frozen, bagged fish in layers of newspaper and place in shipping box. Pack voids around fish with balled up newspaper. This keeps fish from shifting and adds insulation.

Step 4- If you have room, place boxed fish back in freezer. This helps freeze the packing materials. If you don’t have room to freeze entire box, package frozen fish and ship same day. Ship on a Monday.


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