Skin Mounts & Reproductions

Taxidermist chosen by:
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Lower Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Service
Michigan State University
Cornell University
Chicago Botanic Garden
University of Minnesota
University of Buffalo
Pennsylvania State University
University of Wisconsin

Net the fish whenever possible to minimize scale loss. Close-up photos of freshly caught fish are very helpful in the painting process. Wrap fish in a wet towel, making sure that the towel covers all the fins. Keep the fish cool and do not allow the fish skin to touch ice directly. Place your wet, towel-wrapped fish in a plastic bag and freeze as soon as possible. Be very careful of the frozen, brittle fins while the fish is in the freezer as they can break off easily.

Measure overall length of fish from tip of nose to tail. Measure girth at the fattest point. The tackle of a "catch and release" angler should include a soft flexible tape measure and a camera to take pictures of the overall fish as well as close-ups.

Custom Fish Mounts


John & Kelly,
Thanks again for a fantastic fish mount. I am very particular on what I like and your steelhead mount is the best I have ever seen. John, your sculpting is spot-on and Kelly your painting skills are the best I have ever seen. The paint job on the steelhead is gorgeous. I just stand and admire the beautiful job both of you have done. Thanks again for a fantastic steelhead mount!
Mike......Poulson, MT

UNBELIEVABLE!!! It's better than I ever imagined. You did another outstanding job and I couldn't be happier. It is absolutely incredible. I got home and finally got to open it at 1:30 this morning. I couldn't wait another day. It is perfect in every detail. Again, I could hold the photos up next to it and it would be identical to the fish on the mount. The base even matched the lake where I caught them, from the rocky ledge to the driftwood and grass. IT IS SPOT ON! I don't know how else to describe how perfect it is. It is the best fish mount I have ever seen and I can't believe I own it. THANK YOU!
Mark...........Lehi, UT

Just wanted to thank you for the chum salmon. I've seen alot of mounted fish over the years and I probably have somewhere near 40, but I have never seen anything like that fish. It looks identical to the picture. Every time I look at it I think it's alive. It is the best mount I have ever seen.
Robert..............Calgary, Alberta Canada

The fish arrived and WOW is it perfect!!!!! Perfect driftwood, perfect size and perfect coloration. Your guys really did a great job and I am extremely pleased with the quality of your work and professionalism. You will get my next fish mount for sure.
Bill............Belton, TX

The mount looks great!!! I am so glad I picked you guys to complete my mount. I would have no problem highly recommending you to anyone that is looking for a great fish taxidermist at a reasonable price. Thanks again and I look forward to staring at my mount for many years to come. It is nice to seee that some people these days, even in this current ecomony, don't cut corners and still want to put out the best product possible. Keep up the great works!!! Thanks again.
Brian..............Lake Havasu City, AZ

WOW you guys rocked again!! Just opened my little care package (superb packing job!!) and the Grayling looks awesome as expected. The coloring and attention to detail is second to none and you should be very proud of your work. I will gladly put it on display right next to the Silver Salmon that did for me a few years ago. Too bad you did not get pictures of it before you sent it to add to the photo gallery on-line. Job well done and I'll be sure to recommend you BIG TIME!!
Alan.............Louisville, CO

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I received the Coho Salmon mount this morning. In a word: WOW! You guys did a fantastic job on the mount, much better than what I expected -- and I had high expectations to begin with! The packaging job was also very secure, thanks for that added touch. If you guys ever need a recommendation, just let me know. In a nutshell, you guys have been top notch all the way, from keeping in touch to delivery of the final product. ALL of my future fish taxidermy work will be sent your way....
Brian........Clayton, NC

I just have to say that I am completely blown away by the paint job of my new largemouth. I was actually very skeptical at first, but this is the most realistic replica I have ever seen. Pictures don't do these mounts justice. I will count on y'all from now on for my future mounts and my childrens mounts when they are old enough. Thank you in your part of preserving a lifelong memory.
Justin............Cleveland, MS

Just wanted to let you know I received my fish and I absolutely love it. It's the best piece of taxidermy I own. The colors that you painted my fish are perfect, it looks exactly like it did right from the stream. You guys are first class. I really appreciate your customer service also, expecially how nice both of were on the phone and in the emails. Your shipping and packing were wonderful as well. You aim to make your customers happy and glad they do business with you. You have earned my business in the future. You and your wife are an awesome team. God bless you and your business. If I could help you as a reference, I would be more than happy to do so. Thanks again for making it all happen for me.
Bill............Chester, SC

John, Kelly: I received the rainbow today. When the lid came off, the tears came down. It is awesome, beautiful, perfect, wonderful and if I was smart enough to think of any other adjectives it would be them also. For twenty years I've wanted to do this. The story is more tragic than we spoke of over the phone, for that reason I couldn't do it sooner. I need not get into that. Thank-you all so much. The relatively new service of fish reproduction definitely has it's place in taxidermy. You guys are my santas this year. I have some people dear to me that will see this trout 'rise' in the clouds to the fresh hatch and look down and smile, because we now have him caught for good.
Brent............Cedar Rapids, IA

I'm so sorry I didn't email you the moment I picked the fish up - but I absolutely LOVE it! I can't believe what a great job you guys did! I gave it to him on Friday and he was shocked, amazed, impressed and surprised all at once! He showed the picture of it to everyone that night and bragged about how it was the best gift he's ever gotten! We even held your fish next to the real fish and the resemblance is incredible. Thanks so much for making this gift possible - it means so much. :)
Cheyenne............Boise, ID

Just had to send you a copy of this picture. (Customer standing in river, holding reproduction steelhead) He decided he was going to let the fish go...LOL! He was so shocked and surprised when I gave it to him, he actually had tears in his eyes. We had a big party last weekend and ended up with 24 of our family members at the cabin. We all gathered for a group pricture and when the picture taking was done, we made him sit down and brought out the box. It ws a great, great surprise. Everyone at the party was very impressed with your work. Thanks again!
Wendy............Great Falls, MT

I am speechless. This is the most incredible replication of a fish I have ever seen. John I don't know where you acquired your skills, but you an extremly talented Virtuoso in the art of taxidermy. The result you produced for me was nothing short of amazing. The UPS man came to my door, and the first thing out of his mouth was, "I want to see it." I said, "let me get my drill and I will show you." The packing was the most highly skilled packing I had ever seen. Needless to say, the UPS driver was speechless also....I will tell everyone in earshot about what a wonderful, skilled, business you and Kelly are.
Peter............Gardnerville, NV